What does my Document Status mean?

Some applications require you to provide supporting documents in order to verify the cost of your educational program and your final grades to approve payment. If your application has that requirement, a Supporting Documents section will appear as you go through the application to allow you to upload your documents. Here are the statuses they may go through as they are processed: The document has not successfully been uploaded into the ISTS system. You will need to return to the Supporting Documents section of your application and upload this document using the instructions there. The document has successfully been uploaded into the ISTS system and is in queue to be reviewed. Processing times may vary based on volume and other mitigating factors. Your application will inform you of the processing time for your application. Documents that are in this status by your program’s cut-off for assistance or reimbursement will be processed and may still allow payment if they are accepted. The document was received and reviewed by the ISTS Processing Team and was rejected. A Rejected Documents section will appear below the Attachments section with details as to why the document was rejected so you can replace it. ISTS may also notify you by email on the Monday, Wednesday, or Friday immediately following the rejection. The document was successfully received and reviewed by the ISTS Processing Team and met all requirements for that requirement on the application. If you need to replace this document during the application period, please contact our Program Support team and request that specific document be removed. If you do, you will need to upload its replacement before the application deadline.