What does my tuition assistance/reimbursement Home Page status mean?

Your ISTS Home Page will give you a snapshot of your form’s status and can give you deeper insight into what further action you may need to take to complete your application. The Home Page can show you four different statuses. You can always click the status to go into more detail. This status marker is pretty straight-forward. At this point you have started an application but you have not yet submitted it. If this is what you are seeing, make sure to click this gray marker and take a closer look. Use the GO TO FORM link to reenter and finish your application. This status marker shows that your application is somewhere in-between. You have submitted the online form at this point but some other items may be missing or just processing. Make sure to click this status marker to see what may be missing or processing with ISTS. This is the ultimate status marker! This is the end goal. Once you have provided everything required of you for the form in question, it will become complete. Once you hit this you will be awaiting a notification from ISTS on results. Make sure to check your application’s FAQ for a timeline.