When do I hear about results?

Once an application is complete, it will take some time for ISTS to process and set up your payment information. We typically send out notifications once a week for our programs. Check your employer’s program FAQ for more detailed information. How will I hear? – You will receive a notice either from donotreply@applyISTS.com or your program’s branded “@applyISTS.com” email address notifying you of your next steps or payment information. When will I hear? – Most employer programs notify completed applicants each week. Check your program FAQ for specific timelines. What if I am granted funds? – Congratulations! Funds may be disbursed by ISTS or by your payroll. Check your program FAQ for specifics. What if I am denied? – You will only be denied payment in the event that some rule of the program was not followed. Please make sure to carefully read all program materials and expectations to avoid this situation.