When do I hear about Results?

The wait between a deadline and application results can be stressful. Here are some questions you may have about the process: How will I hear? – Most applications that use ISTS will notify applicants of final results via an email notification. This email is either sent from the application’s unique email address or from ContactUs@applyISTS.com. Please make sure that your email client’s settings allow notifications from the @applyISTS.com domain so you don’t miss your notification. When will I hear? – Most applications that use ISTS will send notifications about two months after the application’s final deadline. However, it is best to check the FAQ on your application as it will inform you of your program’s own timeline. What if I win? – Congratulations! Your very next step will be to accept the award that has been offered. You will have instructions on your notification to return to the AIM website and complete your Acceptance form. Please be aware that your Acceptance form has a deadline. If you fail to meet it, your scholarship could be withdrawn. What if I don’t win? – Unfortunately, our competitive scholarships cannot be awarded to every student; there simply aren’t enough funds available. If you are not awarded, ISTS will not be able to provide feedback on your application outside its general status. We encourage you to reapply to your scholarship the following year if you still meet the criteria. Also, keep looking for other awards you may be eligible for. If ISTS happens to administer them, you may use your same ISTS account.