How do I create a second supplement request?

Recommendations can be the icing on the cake that is your stunning scholarship application. It is important that you read the recommendation instructions on your form so you make sure you plan accordingly. First, confirm you have made your minimum number of requests. Some scholarships only require one of each, while others may require multiple copies of the same recommendation from different sources. Once you have made those requests, it will be up to the form to determine if you can make requests beyond that number. If allowed, the “Create Request” link will remain in the supplement section. Click this again to make another request.

What school do I list in the college/university section?

The institution you list in this section should be the institution you plan to use the scholarship/award at if you are awarded. It’s okay if you haven’t made your final choice. Enter your first choice. If you are awarded, you can update this information on your ISTS Profile Page. 

What GPA do I list in the College/University section?

If you have indicated you will be a sophomore or higher in the coming fall term, you will be prompted for a college/university GPA. List your most recent cumulative GPA in this section. If you will be moving to a post-graduate program in the fall and do not yet have a GPA for that program, please list your undergraduate GPA in this section.

How do I list my high school if I attended outside the US?

For international high schools, choose an “Armed Forces” option from the High School State dropdown menu. Select the option that best fits the area of the world where your high school is located. You will then be able to select “Not in list” for your city and school name, and enter them manually.

What special courses do I list?

The application provides you a section to indicate the total number of higher level courses you have taken throughout your high school career. This includes any higher level course taken from start of Freshman year to the end of Senior year. Please only list classes that apply. Please enter the number of courses that you have taken. Do not list the actual course names.  

Why do I have to provide my high school transcript?

Only applicants enrolling as either freshman or sophomore students in the upcoming fall must provide high school transcripts for merit- based scholarships. Providing your high school transcript displays more academic information for the selections committee to review. 

ACT/SAT exams were not required

If you were not required to take ACT/SAT examinations, please upload a letter explaining the reason for not taking the examination in place of the test scores document. Please ensure that the document is in the acceptable file format–  .pdf, .tif, .png, .gif, .jpeg, .bmp or .xps.

I cannot add any more rows on the Resume page. What do I do?

The resume page can limit the number of items you enter in a certain list. Please make sure that you enter the items you feel are most valuable to the application you are filing. You can click the Edit button next to the row to update its contents.