TATR Employee

Can I use a transcript delivery service?

No, we do not accept transcript delivery services like Parchment or College Board. You may, however, have those services send you the document to subsequently upload to your application.

What is an accredited institution?

It is an educational institution that is officially recognized or authorized as a legitimate establishment in the field of education. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that institutions of higher education meet acceptable levels of quality.

To check to see if your school is accredited, you may check here: Link

What should I avoid when uploading documents?

Here are some things to avoid when uploading your documents.

  • Don't upload a Microsoft Word™ document (.doc, .docx) or any other format we don’t accept.
  • Don't upload more than the requested documentation.
  • Don't assume your documents are correct and accepted once you have uploaded them.
  • Don't upload a document stating you are mailing your documents.
  • Don't assume the required document does not pertain to you. If the application states the document is required, your application will remain incomplete if you do not provide that document.
  • Don't upload any file that has a viewing expiration date.
  • Don't password protect your uploaded documents. Password protected documents will be rejected.

I am trying to create an account, but my date of birth is not being accepted. What’s wrong?

Many times we find that users are entering the wrong format when entering their date of birth. It should be month, day, then year (mm/dd/yyyy).

 Also, please ensure that you are inserting the slashes (/).

In creating a password, I am asked to use a “Special Character”. What is that?

A special character is a non-alphabetic or non-numeric character, such as @, #, $, %, &, * and +.

Do I need a supplement code or a program key?

Applicants or students wanting to apply for a scholarship would need a program key, while recommenders, nominators and the like would need a supplement code. Our clients provide program keys for their programs on their website. Applicants generate supplement codes from their applications when applying. If you do not have a Program Key, please send an email to ProgramKey@applyISTS.com with the name of the scholarship to which you want to apply. Our team will get you the key you need! 

How do I change my account email address or password?

Changing either of these items is simple. Click the My Profile link on your home page. You will then have the option to Change Password or Change Email Address. Changing your email address will change the email used to log in and the email address that ISTS will use to contact you.

Why do I need to give my date of birth to create an account?

The Child Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) of 1998 requires operators of websites to verify the age of individuals creating accounts so that proper precautions can be made for users under the age of 13. ISTS will never use this information for a purpose other than compliance with COPPA or to confirm your identity over a live contact medium.

The page just refreshes but my document isn't uploaded. What do I do?

This happens when you are trying to upload a document with the same file name as one already queued to process on your account. To fix this, just update the file name of the document on your computer.

  • Using Microsoft: Right-click your file and click Rename
  • Using Apple: Right click on the file, select Get Info. Click on the arrow next to Name and Extension and change the name.

How do I upload multiple pages to one requirement?

When you are retrieving a transcript or other required document for your application, you may have it broken up into multiple pages or need to take multiple screen shots to get all the information. That's fine! You can submit those several pages as a .zip file. To create a .zip file, you can do the following.

Can I just upload one file that has all my required documents in it?

Unfortunately, no. You should upload an individual file for each requirement on your application.

For example, if your transcript from your school also has your SAT scores, you will have to upload your document to both the High School Transcript and SAT/ACT Score slot on your application for it to be properly processed.

Make sure to change your document's name to match the slot it's going into for easy reference.

How do I reset my password?

If you cannot remember your password or it's not working, you can always click "I forgot my password" on the login page. Enter your account email address and an email will be sent to you from donotreply@applyISTS.com. Carefully enter this password into the login page of the website and you can reset your password to one of your choosing and log in.

What kind of Documents can I upload?

In order to maintain the integrity of your documents for your application, ISTS must assure that your documents meet certain requirements so that we can accept them.  The only acceptable file types are .pdf, .tif, .png, .gif, .jpg/.jpeg, .bmp, and .xps. Each of these file types are not editable to prevent any chance of data tampering. 

What does my tuition assistance/reimbursement Home Page status mean?

Your ISTS Home Page will give you a snapshot of your form's status and can give you deeper insight into what further action you may need to take to complete your application. The Home Page can show you four different statuses. You can always click the status to go into more detail. This status marker is pretty straight-forward. At this point you have started an application but you have not yet submitted it. If this is what you are seeing, make sure to click this gray marker and take a closer look. Use the GO TO FORM link to reenter and finish your application. This status marker shows that your application is somewhere in-between. You have submitted the online form at this point but some other items may be missing or just processing. Make sure to click this status marker to see what may be missing or processing with ISTS. This is the ultimate status marker! This is the end goal. Once you have provided everything required of you for the form in question, it will become complete. Once you hit this you will be awaiting a notification from ISTS on results. Make sure to check your application's FAQ for a timeline.  

What does my Document Status mean?

Some applications require you to provide supporting documents in order to verify the cost of your educational program and your final grades to approve payment. If your application has that requirement, a Supporting Documents section will appear as you go through the application to allow you to upload your documents. Here are the statuses they may go through as they are processed: The document has not successfully been uploaded into the ISTS system. You will need to return to the Supporting Documents section of your application and upload this document using the instructions there. The document has successfully been uploaded into the ISTS system and is in queue to be reviewed. Processing times may vary based on volume and other mitigating factors. Your application will inform you of the processing time for your application. Documents that are in this status by your program's cut-off for assistance or reimbursement will be processed and may still allow payment if they are accepted. The document was received and reviewed by the ISTS Processing Team and was rejected. A Rejected Documents section will appear below the Attachments section with details as to why the document was rejected so you can replace it. ISTS may also notify you by email on the Monday, Wednesday, or Friday immediately following the rejection. The document was successfully received and reviewed by the ISTS Processing Team and met all requirements for that requirement on the application. If you need to replace this document during the application period, please contact our Program Support team and request that specific document be removed. If you do, you will need to upload its replacement before the application deadline.

What does my Supplement Status mean?

Your application may require approval for courses, or your degree, from a manager or HR representative. Here is what your status could be: This status means the person you requested to fill out your supplement has not started that form yet OR your application may not have generated the request yet. Carefully check your application materials for your Manager Approval procedure. This status means the person you requested to fill out your supplement has used the Supplement Code you sent them with your request to open the application OR the system has generated the form for them. In either case, please prompt them to return to their account and complete the approval for you within the required timeline. This status means the person you requested to fill out your supplement has done everything they need to help you with your payment.

When do I hear about results?

Once an application is complete, it will take some time for ISTS to process and set up your payment information. We typically send out notifications once a week for our programs. Check your employer's program FAQ for more detailed information. How will I hear? - You will receive a notice either from donotreply@applyISTS.com or your program's branded "@applyISTS.com" email address notifying you of your next steps or payment information. When will I hear? - Most employer programs notify completed applicants each week. Check your program FAQ for specific timelines. What if I am granted funds? - Congratulations! Funds may be disbursed by ISTS or by your payroll. Check your program FAQ for specifics. What if I am denied? - You will only be denied payment in the event that some rule of the program was not followed. Please make sure to carefully read all program materials and expectations to avoid this situation.