Application Status

Why was I not selected as a recipient?

We understand that you put a lot of effort into both your academics and your scholarship application. However, direct feedback on your application is not possible. ISTS takes care to review all completed eligible applications. To maintain the integrity of this process and our judges, ISTS will not change decisions. You can search for more scholarship opportunities at websites like  

What does my Supplement Status mean?

This status means the person you requested to fill out your supplement has not started that form yet. If there is no name or email address next to this on your status page, go back to your application and click Create Request on the Supplement or Recommendation page right away. If there is the name and email address you sent the request to, they may not have seen the request yet. You should feel empowered to reach out to them; after all, it is a requirement for your scholarship to be considered.
This status means the person you requested to fill out your supplement has used the Supplement Code the system sent them with your request to open the application. However, at this point they have not finished all the questions. If the deadline is approaching, it may be best to reach out to them to confirm that their part still needs to be finished so you can be considered. Keep in mind that most recommendation forms and some other supplements will allow another week after your deadline before the supplement is due.
This status means the person you requested to fill out your supplement has done everything they need to help you with your application. If your application requires multiple supplements, you will need as many in COMPLETE status as is required on your form.

When do I hear about Results?

The timeline regarding selection results is specific to each program. Please refer to the FAQ page on your application under the Program Timeline section, for more details. 

What does my Document Status mean?

The document has not successfully been uploaded into the ISTS system. Please return to the Supporting Documents section of your application and upload this document using the stated instructions.
The document has successfully been uploaded into the ISTS system and is in queue to be reviewed.
The document was received and reviewed by the ISTS Processing Team; however, it was rejected.
The document was successfully received and reviewed by the ISTS Processing Team and met all requirements for that document on the application. If you need to replace this document during the application period, please contact our Program Support team and request which specific document be removed. If you do, you will need to upload its replacement before the application deadline

What does my Home Page Application Status mean?

You have begun filling out this application but you have not clicked the "Submit" button yet. Make sure all required items, marked with an asterisk (*), have been filled out and you have accepted the application terms and conditions.
You have finished filling out all required fields on your online application, accepted the terms and conditions, and successfully clicked "Submit". Other requirements for the application have either not been received or not yet been processed. Check the other statuses below this one on your screen to see what is missing.
You have successfully filled out the online application and any other requirements for this application process. You will just need to wait for results.

What does my Home Page status mean?

This status marker is pretty straight-forward. At this point you have started an application but you have not yet submitted it. If this is what you are seeing, make sure to click this gray marker and take a closer look. Use the GO TO FORM link to reenter and finish your application.
This status marker shows that your application is somewhere in-between. You have submitted the online form at this point but some other items may be missing or just processing. Make sure to click this status marker to see what may be missing or processing with ISTS.
This is the ultimate status marker! This is the end goal. Once you have provided everything required of you for the form in question, it will become complete. Once you hit this you will be awaiting a notification from ISTS on results. Make sure to check your applications FAQ for a timeline.
This marker will only show up for forms other than your initial application to a program. This means that your Semi-Finalist, Acceptance, or Renewal form is ready and waiting for you to get started on it. Click the name of the form next to this status to start working. If you do not start this form before its set deadline, it will update to Closed and you will not be able to move forward with your scholarship.

What's my status?

Please return to your ISTS Home Page to know the status of your Application