Supplements & Recommendations

How do I create a second supplement request?

Recommendations can be the icing on the cake that is your stunning scholarship application. It is important that you read the recommendation instructions on your form so you make sure you plan accordingly. First, confirm you have made your minimum number of requests. Some scholarships only require one of each, while others may require multiple copies of the same recommendation from different sources. Once you have made those requests, it will be up to the form to determine if you can make requests beyond that number. If allowed, the "Create Request" link will remain in the supplement section. Click this again to make another request.

Do I need a supplement code or a program key?

Applicants or students wanting to apply for a scholarship would need a program key, while recommenders, nominators and the like would need a supplement code. Our clients provide program keys for their programs on their website. Applicants generate supplement codes from their applications when applying. If you do not have a Program Key, please send an email to with the name of the scholarship to which you want to apply. Our team will get you the key you need! 

If my application has multiple supplements, how do I make sure the right one goes to the right person?

If your application requires several different types of supplements that go to different individuals, each type will be listed on the supplement page and will have a separate Create Request link for each form. Make sure to read your supplement instructions carefully to know which form goes to whom. The image below shows you how multiple items will appear on your application.

What if my recommender didn't get my request?

If you have spoken with your recommender and they have not received the system-generated supplement instructions, return to your application and click the envelope icon to resend the instructions via email. If this does not appear, there was no email address entered when you created your request and you will have to do so again. You may also click the printer icon to print the instructions and provide them by hand if you prefer.

How do I delete a supplement request?

If you have sent a request to the wrong individual, or need to change the email address, you can click the trash can icon next to the request to delete it. This will cause the system-generated supplement code to be invalid; therefore, please contact the individual it was initially sent to informing them of this change. If there is no trash can icon available, this means the code has been used. If you need the request removed, contact our Program Support Agent team about your request and the individual informing them that you no longer need their assistance.

How do I create a supplement request?

If a supplement is required for your application, a section of your application will describe how to request your recommendation or other supplement form. This involves clicking Create Request on the application and entering the name and email address (please ensure correct spelling) of the person you want to file the supplement for you. The system subsequently emails the person with instructions on how to submit their form. Once generated, the request will show you a status which could be the following:

  • Emailed - An email has been sent to the email address provided on the request with instructions.
  • Requested - The request has been generated and is awaiting action from the provider you sent it to.
  • Started - The supplement form has been accessed by your supplement provider but is not yet complete.
  • Submitted - The provider has successfully completed the form, meeting that requirement for your application.

How do recommendations and supplements work?

In order to offer a secure application environment, most recommendations, or other supplement forms required from a third-party, must be filled via that third party's own account in the ISTS system. In order for you to provide a recommendation/nomination/verification for an applicant, the student must have generated a request via his online application. Then you would have received a system-generated email asking you for your assistance which would include a supplement code.