How do I get a reissue of my check?

If your scholarship check is lost, stolen, or has expired, ISTS can help you by issuing a new one. Just do the following to file that request:
  1. Write a short note explaining the circumstances.
  2. Verify your home address and school in this note.
  3. Include a personal check or money order for $35.00 USD made payable to ISTS.
  4. Mail the check, note, and reissue fee to:      

(Program Name) c/o ISTS

40 Burton Hills Blvd

Suite 170

Nashville, TN 37215

Once ISTS receives your note and reissue fee, we will reissue your check within seven (7) business days and mail it to your home address. Also, please ensure your school and/or address is updated on the “My Profile” section of your ISTS Home Page. We advise sending your materials via a shipping method that has tracking so you can receive confirmation of receipt.

When will my check arrive? 

ISTS typically disburses checks in July/August, depending on the program policy. Please refer to the FAQ page on your application under the Program Timeline section, for more details.

Why does my check expire?

AA 90-day valid check period is a standard banking practice observed by many companies in order to maintain proper accounting of funds. This also helps ensure that your scholarship check is applied to the appropriate academic term as required by your scholarship provider. If your check has passed the expiration date, you can request a reissue of those funds through our Program Support team. 

How can I use my funds?

The use of scholarships and grants is restricted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States. Your scholarship may impose more stringent regulations than those listed below. Make sure to check your scholarship FAQ or Award Details for specific information about your award and for documentation you can provide to your school. Scholarships may be applied to the following expenses at an accredited two or four-year institution in the US:
  • Tuition
  • Academic Fees required of all students
  • Books required for specific course load by syllabus
  • Equipment required for specific course load by syllabus
You can review the full text of the IRS policy here.