Why does it say I’m ineligible?

Some applications verify your eligibility immediately after using the Program Key.  You will not be able to proceed to the application unless all responses provided meet the application criteria. If you believe you reached this notification in error, please double check the eligibility criteria for your program and try to apply again.

How do I get a reissue of my check?

If your scholarship check is lost, stolen, or has expired, ISTS can help you by issuing a new one. Just do the following to file that request:
  1. Write a short note explaining the circumstances.
  2. Verify your home address and school in this note.
  3. Include a personal check or money order for $35.00 USD made payable to ISTS.
  4. Mail the check, note, and reissue fee to:      

(Program Name) c/o ISTS

40 Burton Hills Blvd

Suite 170

Nashville, TN 37215

Once ISTS receives your note and reissue fee, we will reissue your check within seven (7) business days and mail it to your home address. Also, please ensure your school and/or address is updated on the “My Profile” section of your ISTS Home Page. We advise sending your materials via a shipping method that has tracking so you can receive confirmation of receipt.

What is a program key?

A program key is a string of letters (it is not case-sensitive & may contain numbers) that allows access to an ISTS-managed scholarship program on our website. If you reached our website through your scholarship provider, your key was automatically entered after you created your account. Don’t have the program key? Please note that a request for a list of keys or all scholarships cannot be provided.

What does my Supplement Status mean?

This status means the person you requested to fill out your supplement has not started that form yet. If there is no name or email address next to this on your status page, go back to your application and click Create Request on the Supplement or Recommendation page right away. If there is the name and email address you sent the request to, they may not have seen the request yet. You should feel empowered to reach out to them; after all, it is a requirement for your scholarship to be considered.
This status means the person you requested to fill out your supplement has used the Supplement Code the system sent them with your request to open the application. However, at this point they have not finished all the questions. If the deadline is approaching, it may be best to reach out to them to confirm that their part still needs to be finished so you can be considered. Keep in mind that most recommendation forms and some other supplements will allow another week after your deadline before the supplement is due.
This status means the person you requested to fill out your supplement has done everything they need to help you with your application. If your application requires multiple supplements, you will need as many in COMPLETE status as is required on your form.

When will my check arrive? 

ISTS typically disburses checks in July/August, depending on the program policy. Please refer to the FAQ page on your application under the Program Timeline section, for more details.

What is a renewable award?

When you are awarded a scholarship or grant program, you are typically granted one academic year of funding. If the award is renewable, you can continue to receive yearly funding if you meet certain criteria established by your award provider. For many scholarships, you are expected to maintain full-time enrollment, avoid academic probation for poor grades, and complete a short online renewal application in the spring or summer of your academic year. We will send you an email notification to your account address when renewals open for you.

How do I know my renewal criteria?

Your renewable award will impose some requirements before they allow you to continue to receive funds. To check those out, look in your Award Details or the program FAQ.

What if my recommender didn’t get my request?

If you have spoken with your recommender and they have not received the system-generated supplement instructions, return to your application and click the envelope icon to resend the instructions via email. If this does not appear, there was no email address entered when you created your request and you will have to do so again. You may also click the printer icon to print the instructions and provide them by hand if you prefer.