What is the status of my approval as manager?

Update: The status of your manager approval is always available to you from your home page of your ISTS account. If you ever need to get back to the home page, click Home in the upper right of your screen. Under “Supplements” on your home page, a table will appear with all active supplement forms. If an employee does not appear, they have not properly filled out their application OR your information has not been updated in the Employee Database File.  Note that if you have more than 10 supplements on your account, you will need to change pages to display further supplement items. You can organize supplements on your home page by Applicant Name, Program, Due Date, or Status.  A status of Not Submitted means that all required information on the form has not been successfully submitted. Click the form name under Program to continue filling out the supplement. A status of Submitted means that all materials have been received and no further action is required for that supplement form.

How do manager approvals and supplements work?

In order to assure that program guidelines are followed, employers may require a manager approval to review an employee’s chosen courses or degree. They will receive a system-generated email with instructions.

How is the Manager Approval form sent to me?

ISTS receives the Employee Database File from the Program Sponsor periodically. Once the employee submits their application, an email is generated based on that file. The form is then set up on your account automatically.