Document Uploading

Can I use a transcript delivery service?

No, we do not accept transcript delivery services like Parchment or College Board. You may, however, have those services send you the document to subsequently upload to your application.

What should I avoid when uploading documents?

Here are some things to avoid when uploading your documents.

  • Don't upload a Microsoft Word™ document (.doc, .docx) or any other format we don’t accept.
  • Don't upload more than the requested documentation.
  • Don't assume your documents are correct and accepted once you have uploaded them.
  • Don't upload a document stating you are mailing your documents.
  • Don't assume the required document does not pertain to you. If the application states the document is required, your application will remain incomplete if you do not provide that document.
  • Don't upload any file that has a viewing expiration date.
  • Don't password protect your uploaded documents. Password protected documents will be rejected.

I have multiple college transcripts. Which one should I provide to the application?

Unless otherwise stated, you should provide your most recently updated transcript to the application process. This may be from a degree you have just completed or have just started. If you feel it necessary to provide multiple college transcripts, place acceptable files into a .zip file and upload it to the application for review.

ACT/SAT exams were not required

If you were not required to take ACT/SAT examinations, please upload a letter explaining the reason for not taking the examination in place of the test scores document. Please ensure that the document is in the acceptable file format-  .pdf, .tif, .png, .gif, .jpeg, .bmp or .xps.

I want to provide both my SAT and ACT scores to the application. How do I do that?

Only one standardized test is required for most scholarship applications. If you would like both to be reviewed, place both score documents in a .zip file. Upload this .zip file to your application. Please ensure the documents in the .zip file are in acceptable file formats.

The form only allows one test date. How do I submit my superscore to you?

ISTS programs do not review superscores at this time. Please list the single test date where you received the highest scores for your standardized test.

My document says Processing but the deadline is tomorrow. Will I be Ok?

If you see “Processing” on your homepage, this means that the attachment has been received and in line to go through the verification process where it will be reviewed.

 Please allow at least 1-3 business days.

 As long as your documents are uploaded by the deadline, they will still be reviewed. Don't panic if your application still has an Orange "Started" status after the deadline.

The page just refreshes but my document isn't uploaded. What do I do?

This happens when you are trying to upload a document with the same file name as one already queued to process on your account. To fix this, just update the file name of the document on your computer.

  • Using Microsoft: Right-click your file and click Rename
  • Using Apple: Right click on the file, select Get Info. Click on the arrow next to Name and Extension and change the name.

How do I upload multiple pages to one requirement?

When you are retrieving a transcript or other required document for your application, you may have it broken up into multiple pages or need to take multiple screen shots to get all the information. That's fine! You can submit those several pages as a .zip file. To create a .zip file, you can do the following.

What does my Document Status mean?

The document has not successfully been uploaded into the ISTS system. Please return to the Supporting Documents section of your application and upload this document using the stated instructions.
The document has successfully been uploaded into the ISTS system and is in queue to be reviewed.
The document was received and reviewed by the ISTS Processing Team; however, it was rejected.
The document was successfully received and reviewed by the ISTS Processing Team and met all requirements for that document on the application. If you need to replace this document during the application period, please contact our Program Support team and request which specific document be removed. If you do, you will need to upload its replacement before the application deadline

Can I just upload one file that has all my required documents in it?

Unfortunately, no. You should upload an individual file for each requirement on your application.

For example, if your transcript from your school also has your SAT scores, you will have to upload your document to both the High School Transcript and SAT/ACT Score slot on your application for it to be properly processed.

Make sure to change your document's name to match the slot it's going into for easy reference.

What kind of Documents can I upload?

In order to maintain the integrity of your documents for your application, ISTS must assure that your documents meet certain requirements so that we can accept them.  The only acceptable file types are .pdf, .tif, .png, .gif, .jpg/.jpeg, .bmp, and .xps. Each of these file types are not editable to prevent any chance of data tampering.