Tips and Advice

September through December is an important time for high school seniors. You’ll basically be starting the freshman college experience. During these four months, you’ll complete the bulk of the college application process and fill out the FAFSA. Many colleges’ regular admissions deadline require students to submit their applications by the end of December or early January. Check out these tips to help you put your best foot forward with college preparation this fall.

  1. Get the essay out of the way. An incomplete application can hinder your chances for acceptance, so make sure the essay portion on your application is flawless.
  2. Request your high school transcript. Most schools require you to send an official high school transcript in addition to your college application.
  3. Send your ACT or SAT scores. When you sign up for the ACT or SAT you have the option to send your scores to the schools of your choice.

Still, don’t know where to start? Set up a meeting with your guidance counselor for help.